As usual, he was busy. At morning he would rush to the work without seeing or hearing anything around. At work he would make sure everyone saw how useful he was. And after the work he would rush back home, have dinner with the family and sit then down in front of the television to read something.

This time he stopped in the middle of the crowd. Everyone around him rushing from somewhere to somewhere else. They were on the way, no person was here.

He looked up, the buildings standing tall above them. He imagined people like him in the offices. Wearing something appropriate, suits and dresses, drinking coffee, appearing productive.

There was a time when he enjoyed the city life. The lights and rhythm of the night. Browsing through the stores, not necessarily buying anything. Flirting with the pretty shop assistants. Sitting down and looking the people rushing around.

He sighed, dived into the moving mass and got back to the pace.