The girl and the boy

It’s dark. Some of the streetlights aren’t working and there's no people around. Loud music plays in distance. Only few loud cheers and thrilled screams cut through it. A young woman comes out of a building. She is wearing a blue wig which makes her look like a manga character. Her denim skirt is short and there’s a big hole on her fishnet stockings. She leans on the wall and takes out her phone. While she seems relaxed there’s something wound up about her. Like a cat she is ready to jump away, scratch and hiss.

After a while a car parks in front of her. It’s an old beat up rust bucket. In it’s previous life it has been approximately the same colour as the wig of the young woman. The driver is a young man. Nice looking and clean. He leans towards the passengers side and looks at the young woman. She pushes herself off of the wall and deliberately slowly walks towards the car.

In the car they exchange a couple of words. He looks upset and worried, she looks irritated. He starts the car and they drive away.